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Deadline to pay Forsyth County property taxes near
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Time is running out for residents to pay their property tax bills

Forsyth County residents waiting to pay their property tax bills are running out of time.

Property taxes, which came out in mid-August, are due on Nov. 15.

“They can mail [the bill] … and they can pay online at under the tax commissioner office,” Forsyth County Tax Commissioner Matthew Ledbetter said. “We’ve got two locations. We’ve got the Tribble Gap location and we have one at Sharon Springs Park at 1950 Sharon Road.”

Those who do not pay by the due date will face a penalty that will continue to increase the longer they go without paying.

“There’s a process there,” Ledbetter said. “They would have a 1 percent penalty assessed if not in by the due date, and then that changes as the timeline goes along.”

Property taxes are expected to be a little higher this year than in year’s past due to an increased millage rate from the Forsyth County schools system and the $200 million transportation bond that was approved by voters last year.

The millage rate is used to determine property tax, and 1 mill equals $1 for each $1,000 of assessed property, which is 40 percent of the property’s market price.

The total millage rate is about 27.8 mills and was approved in July. The county’s rate is set at 8.036 mills —including maintenance and operations, fire and bond rates — and the school system’s rate is 17.3 mills with a bond rate of about 2.4 mills.

The tax bill for a home assessed at $250,000 with a homestead exemption would be about $2,550, according to county officials.