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Elections department gets new headquarters
Luth: move will ‘streamline’ work

Forsyth County’s Department of Voter Registrations will have a new facility to work out of for this year’s elections and many more to come.

The department’s office has moved from the Forsyth County Administration Building to a new building at 1201 Sawnee Drive, beside the Forsyth County Tax Commissioner’s Office.

Barbara Luth, supervisor of voter registrations and elections, said the department had previously operated out of the office at the county building and a warehouse facility on Piney Grove Road. She said the new facility would bring everything under one roof.

“We are combined,” Luth said. “So, we have all of our office operations plus all of our warehouse and elections operations going on in one building. We will be having our training for poll workers here, as well as advance voting for the May election.”

Luth said the added space will help streamline some of the work for elections staff.

“We were having to bring cards back and forth for filing and split people up and dividing and conquering,” she said. “Now, we only have to go to the back room.”

While it will be a site for advance voting ahead of elections, Luth said election day voting will not take place there. 

“It will not be an election day precinct,” Luth said. “We have so much that we need to get ready in the office for election night, but it will have advance voting for three weeks before.”

Luth said getting the new building was a four-year process. She thanked commissioners and others county staff for helping it become a reality.

The building will also be the new location for meetings of the county’s board of voter registrations and elections. 

Luth said some things still need to be moved into the new facility and an open house is planned for a later date.