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Few bites for shelter manager listing
Facility on track to open in May
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Forsyth County News

The search for a manager for the under-construction Forsyth County Animal Shelter continues as the opening date draws closer.

A committee tasked with making recommendations for the shelter expressed concern that the county hasn’t received the type of applicants sought for the job.

The manager position was first posted in late summer with a closing date of Sept. 8, but after conducting some interviews, no job offers were made, according to minutes from previous committee meetings.

Since then, Deputy County Manager Tim Merritt said the position was changed to “at will,” which gives the county manager more discretion.

That modification removed the civil service protection from the job, but increased the potential salary range.

The current job posting states the salary could be between about $43,600 and $64,200, depending on experience.

Committee members weren’t sure that would be enough to attract the right candidate for a job with a lot of work and responsibility.

Merritt explained that a third-party firm reviews the job description and sets a pay grade based on the skills, duties and requirements comparative to other positions within the county.

Commissioner Todd Levent, who sits on the committee, said at some point, the county manager may have to rework the job description.

“Time is running out,” Levent said. “We’ve got to have enough time to get the staff trained.”

The shelter on County Way is slated to open in May, after rain delayed the project several months.

Merritt reminded the group about the need to be selective in finding a manager.

“This committee has also had discussions about choosing the right person, and how critical that is,” he said. “We’re trying to be careful and trying to find that right person. As we continue going down the road, we may be less able to be less choosy.”

He added that the search continues.

“You never know from one week to the next week when you’re going to get one or two really qualified applicants,” Merritt said.

Members remained optimistic that the applications would pick up after the holidays.