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Fire investigator suspended
No reason given for decision
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Forsyth County News
Officials are not saying why Forsyth County’s chief fire investigator has been suspended with pay.

According to documents obtained by the Forsyth County News, Forsyth County Fire Marshal Steve Anderson was placed on administrative leave Monday.

The documents do not cite a specific reason for the suspension, which could last up to 10 business days pending an ongoing investigation.

Attempts to reach Anderson for comment have not been successful.

A statement from the county government also does not provide details of the fire marshal’s suspension.

It does say, however, that the measure was taken in accordance with the county employee handbook, which allows employees to be suspended “while certain workplace matters are reviewed and an administrative investigation is conducted.”

The statement goes on to say that administrative leave “in no way suggests that the employee has been found to have violated any workplace rule or otherwise committed any wrongful act of any kind.”

Anderson began working for the fire department on Jan. 3, 1995. His base salary is $71,434.42, county documents show.