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Forsyth County library workers in line for pay hike

FORSYTH COUNTY — It appears employees of the Forsyth County Public Library System will be getting the same cost-of-living adjustment as county government workers.

During a work session last week, the Forsyth County commission approved the 2.2 percent raise and using money from the county’s general fund to cover it.

Somewhat interestingly, library employees are not county employees, but instead work for the Forsyth County Public Library Board, which is funded by the county, except for three employees who work for the state.

As they are not employed by the county, library workers were not part of the pay study conducted prior to the implementation of the adjustment.

The change will cost the county $77,300 per year, with $64,400 going to salaries and $12,900 to associated benefits.

The county’s four libraries have a total of 113 employees, 78 of whom are full time. 

As with the cost-of-living adjustment for county employees, library staff will be paid retroactively to the beginning of the year.

For 2015, the retroactive cost from January to June will be $37,800 and the cost for the remainder of the year will be $39,500.