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Forsyth County Transportation Summit is Wednesday
400 rush hour
Transportation in Forsyth County will be discussed on Wednesday

FORSYTH COUNTY - In metro Atlanta traffic is an all-too-common issue, but this week Forsyth residents can come out to hear what plans are in place for the future of county roads.

The Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce will hold its annual Traffic Summit from noon to 1:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Lanier Technical College Forsyth Conference Center. Chamber president James McCoy said there will be several speakers from both the Georgia Department of Transportation and local officials.

“We will have a presentation from the Commissioner of the [Georgia] DOT, Russell McMurray, as well as a DOT board member who represents part of Forsyth County, Rudy Bowen, as well as [Forsyth County] Commissioner Brian Tam, who is the chairman of the transportation committee for the county,” McCoy said.

The meeting will focus on current projects, as well as updating projects that had been further down the line.

“Really, the big deal here is going to be the many projects that are or will be under way very soon, largely as a result of the transportation bond and SPLOST VII,” McCoy said. “They have a couple of new announcements about projects that are going to be moving up on the timeline.”

McCoy said that the event should be of interest to anyone that drives in Forsyth County as they will be able to get the information directly.

“Our transportation infrastructure affects absolutely everyone,” he said. “It is an outstanding opportunity for people to find out what’s really going on, not what’s being blogged about or what’s a rumor, but what is really happening with their transportation dollars.”

The event is open to everyone, unlike some chamber events which are only for members, and though there will be a lunch option it isn’t a requirement.

“There is a lunch option that folks have. They can join us for the meal and they can register for that,” McCoy said. “But if they would like to show up and not pay for the meal and just hear the information and what’s going on, they can certainly do so.”

Those wanting to register for the lunch event, which is $15 and will begin at 11: 30 a.m., or for more information can visit