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Forsyth County: Water safe for all uses
20150916 120531 Ridgebrook Bend

FORSYTH COUNTY — Despite some discoloration, which it attributes to increased mineral content, Forsyth County’s water and sewer department maintains its water is safe to drink.

According to a news release from the county, the department is conducting continual testing to assess the water quality. All tests have shown the water is safe for all uses, including drinking, bathing and cooking.

However, the release continues, immuno-compromised residents who have been advised to take special precautions requiring additional water purification should continue to follow the instructions from their health care provider.

Tim Perkins, director of the department, said in a statement that the discoloration that residents have noticed is “being caused by a natural mineral.”

“The treatment process has been adjusted to remove this discoloration,” he said. “However, it will take some time to reach the entire system.”

According to the county, the discoloration can be attributed to mineral manganese, which is a naturally occurring substance found in water, air, soil and food. Small amounts of manganese are nutritionally essential.

The water department will continue to monitor the water quality to ensure a safe supply is available. The county will alert residents in the unlikely event the water supply does not meet all quality standards.