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Forsyth Countys passive parks may open to running events
Forsyth County is home to many popular road races. Here, runners make their way along Ronald Reagan Boulevard. To avoid having to close well-traveled stretches of road for running events, the county's government is mulling whether to shift them to passive parks. - photo by FCN file photo

FORSYTH COUNTY — Forsyth commissioners have approved a plan that could open up the county’s passive parks for 5Ks and other events, activities that had not previously been allowed there.

Potential events would need to go through the discretion of the parks department, which is developing a policy for them.

The events would be capped at a maximum of three per week per park, with officials noting it would be extremely rare to have so many in that span.

Events could only happen between sun up and sun down and would need prior approval.

Commissioner Brian Tam said he hopes that moving running events to a passive park would help traffic on county roads.

“We do shut down Market Place Boulevard [for fun runs], we shut Down Ronald Reagan Boulevard, we shut down [Hwy.] 141, and then there are these shockwaves after we shut them down,” Tam said. “We want to try to get away from shutting down public roads.”