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Forsyth elections board losing a member
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Forsyth County News

CUMMING — Next year will bring significant changes to the Forsyth County Board of Voter Registrations and Elections.

During the board’s meeting Monday, it was announced that Republican appointee Doug Sorrells will resign from his position in two months due to health concerns.

“Unfortunately, [Sorrells] has submitted his resignation effective Feb. 7 due to medical reasons,” said Barbara Luth, the county’s supervisor of voter registrations and elections. “He’ll be here for the February meeting, and then the new person would fulfill his unexpired term for him starting in March.”

Sorrells, who was appointed to the board in 2010 and is its secretary, previously served as the county’s clerk of courts for 12 years.

Luth wasn’t sure who would replace him on the three-member appointed panel, saying she would need to talk to the local Republican Party.

“I have no earthly idea,” Luth said. “I have to get a letter off to [GOP Chairman] Brad Wilkins, who decides the replacement.”

Whoever follows Sorrell will finish his unexpired term, and can be appointed again when it expires in 2015

“The usually run a four-year term limit,” Luth said. “That person can be reappointed at that time to go on to another term if need be.”

The new appointee will have to be approved by several levels of government before he or she can assume the role.

“The board members are appointed through the [local political] parties,” Luth said. “The parties send a letter to the [county] commissioners. The commissioners ratify the appointment for the party, then they got to the secretary of state and the [probate] judge, who swears them in.”

Luth said that Sorrells replacement won’t be the only new face on the board in 2015, as the board it likely will expand from three to five members.

“In September of 2015, we’ll also be adding two additional members to our board, one Republican and one Democrat,” she said.

The expansion measure was approved by the 2014 Georgia General Assembly.