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Hearings set for inaccurate Forsyth County voter registrations

The Forsyth County Department of Voter Registrations and Elections will take a look at a discrepancy with some voters’ addresses.

On Tuesday morning, election officials and members of the county’s election board discussed moving ahead with hearings about registered voters who have addresses that do not match county records. The hearings will be held at the group’s May meeting.

“We’re trying to clean up the rolls for those people that there are no houses or they don’t live at the locations,” said Barbara Luth, the department’s supervisor.

Mandy Smith with the department said there had not been any such hearing in about two years and that the last were from Cumming residents in the 2015 city election.

“[We’re looking at] if you’re registered at 123 Main Street, does 123 Main Street still exist, was it an error and we misread the application … or has the house been demolished, where do we stand,” Smith said.

Smith said there were about 100 in question and there had been more a year ago, but some voters updated their information to cast a ballot in last year’s primaries and general election. Many of the voters have not voted since at least 2014.

The department has contacted those who have registrations issues.

If no action is taken, the board will be able to remove the voters from the roll at a future meeting.

Board Chairman Donald Glover said the matter is a normal part of the department’s duties to keep numbers up to date and that it is important to make sure the rolls are accurate to prevent claims of voter fraud.