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How Forsyth County commissioners are making it easier to get out of Vickery Village
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Forsyth County Commissioners voted Tuesday, March 26, 2019, to approve design and for construction for changes to the intersection of Post and Majors roads leading into Vickery Village. (Google Maps)

With a variety of stores and housing, Vickery Village has no problem drawing Forsyth County residents in, but getting them out is another issue.

At a work session this week, Forsyth County Commissioners voted to approve $21,000 for design and $130,000 for construction for changes to the intersection of Post and Majors roads leading into Vickery Village.

District 3 Commissioner Todd Levent, who represents the area, said he has gotten calls for years about residents and shoppers trying to leave Vickery.

“When they stack in there [when exiting], they only fit about two-and-a-half to three cars, and that lane only allows them to go straight or left,” Levent said. “Once that fourth car or the extra third car lands, the people turning right can no longer even turn right; they’re blocked. Then it starts backing up into the parking lot and is really a mess. When it finally does turn green, there’s not a lot of time for them all to get out.”

Assistant County Manager Garrin Coleman said the project would rework the entrance into Vickery.

“The option would be to cut those two [concrete] islands down and basically create another 12-foot lane for a dedicated left-turn pocket,” he said.

Coleman said the changes would be enough to warrant a green arrow for those turning out of the center, though the Georgia Department of Transportation would have final approval.

Plans are already in place to widen Post Road, but Coleman said that the project was not planned to start construction for a few years.

“Back on Dec. 13, [commissioners] met with neighborhood representatives and some business owners from in and around the Vickery development … the issue being exiting out of Vickery, making a left turn is very difficult and traffic backs up there,” Coleman said. “We do have a long-term project to widen Post Road. Unfortunately, that is not going to go into construction until 2024, I believe, is the last year for construction.”

Coleman said it would take three to five months for permitting from GDOT and design drawings, and the county would have a better idea for the timeline of the project once those are done.