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Midway Park may get makeover
Field may be increased to regulation size
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Forsyth County News

A revitalized field may soon be part of Midway Park.

Members of the Forsyth County Parks and Recreation Board on Wednesday voted unanimously, with Chairman Todd Holbrook absent, to allow engineers to look into the possibility of revamping the rectangular athletic field at the park.

Jerry Kinsey, director of the Parks and Recreation Department, said the improvements likely would include reconfiguring the already existing field, located near the Post Road entrance.

Currently, the field is set in an angled configuration. Kinsey said the improvement might include shifting the field so it sits in a straight configuration, allowing for the field to become regulation size at 320 by 180 feet.

Also during their meeting, members unanimously approved adding an amendment that would require all indoor recreation spaces to be locked during times of non-use.

Board members asked staff last month to see what policies other counties have in regards to leaving spaces such as classrooms open when not in use.

Kinsey said staff discovered that other counties leave such spaces locked since leaving them open could create safety and security concerns.

“Someone could hide in there and come out later and cause problems,” Kinsey said.

A recent complaint from a resident who’d been asked to leave an empty classroom sparked the discussion.