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New registration system for voters in place
Official: Transition went well
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Forsyth County News

Forsyth County is home to more than 116,600 registered voters, all of whom are being counted through new software.

During its monthly board meeting Monday, the Forsyth County Board of Elections was briefed on the new Georgia Voter Registration System, which the local elections office has used since December.

Unlike the old, DOS-based system for storing registered voters, Elections Supervisor Barbara Luth said the new PCC system is Windows based.

According to Luth, Forsyth was among the first elections offices to use the new system, which she described as good but still being tweaked to become great.

There have been some problems with transferring new registrations from other counties.

“All counties are not on the system yet, so that could have something to do with it,” Luth told the board. “It’s good, but they’re still making changes to it.”

Some nearby counties, including Fulton and DeKalb, have not gone through training for the new system, much less started to use it, Luth said. However, she expects all elections offices to be on the new system by the end of April.

The new setup is Internet based and will continue to be mirrored with the old system, which will revert to a backup role.

Luth said she and her staff have been submitting recommendations to improve the software. Many upgrades have already been made.

“With any new system, you’re going to have some kinks that have to be worked out, but I’m finding that it’s working well,” Luth said. “This is supposed to be better and I’m sure it will be once they get it all put together.”