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Park grows greener
County adds space near Windermere
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Forsyth County News
The new year will bring with it more green space for Forsyth County.

Spokeswoman Jodi Gardner said the county plans to close today on about 31 acres adjacent to Windermere Park.

The county commission voted Monday to acquire the property for $250,000, using funds from the parks, recreation and green space bond.

Gardner said there are no plans to develop or add amenities to the site, rather the county bought it to preserve open space.

“Additionally, the land will serve as a buffer between Windermere Park and nearby sewer facilities,” she said.

After much discussion with the property owner, NNPII-Windermere LLC, county leaders felt the purchase was a good deal.

County Attorney Ken Jarrard said the site was appraised at more than $1.1 million.

Funds for the purchase came from the $100 million parks, recreation and green space bond, which voters approved in February 2008.

That money is set aside to buy green space and build parks and recreational facilities. It can’t be used for general government expenses, such as those in the annual budget.

The site is in the district of Commissioner Jim Boff, who said the developer was looking to sell it after having finished his projects in the area.

“Theoretically, you might have been at that park in the future walking your dog or something, and it might have been that there were some houses or something built up on the hills,” Boff said. “Now it’ll just remain green space.”

He said the commission took quick action because the developer wanted to complete the deal before the end of the year.

Opened in October 2004, the current 87-acre Windermere park boasts a dog park, large playing field, nature path, and picnic shelter, among other features.