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Pete Amos not seeking re-election for District 1 commission post
Amos Pete

Forsyth County District 1 Commissioner Pete Amos will not be running for re-election.

Amos told the Forsyth County News on Tuesday he did not plan to run for the seat, which he has held since 2011. Amos, a former commission chairman and member of the county’s planning board, said he would be focusing more on his family’s business once leaving office.

“Our business is growing. I’m needed more there. I’ve put a lot of time into being a commissioner, and I need to spend more time concentrating on my business,” Amos said. “Fourteen-and-a-half years is a lot of time to devote to the county — a lot of time and effort. It’s a great county, but I really think it is time for someone else. I really think two terms as a county commissioner is plenty for anybody.”

Amos said among the things he was most proud of in his time on the commission were the passing of the SPLOST VII transportation bond, which included the construction of the new Forsyth County Courthouse and Forsyth County Jail, and the $200 million transportation bond approved by voters in 2014, which included the widening of Ga. 400.

“The citizens stepped forward and voted themselves a self-imposed tax for that, so I was very proud to be associated with that and the work we’ve done since then with the state DOT,” he said.

Other projects Amos said he was proud to have taken part in were getting roads in the county widened, developing land for the park system and extended the trail for the Big Creek Greenway.

“The greenway trail, I know it’s been slow but we’re getting it done as fast as we can,” he said. “Going through private property is a lot tougher than going through government property.”

Amos said none of the work would have gotten done without the county’s staff and department heads.

“I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve enjoyed all the staff. The staff has been great. You couldn’t do this without the staff,” Amos said, later adding, “You couldn’t ask for a better staff to keep this county going. I just can’t praise them enough for what they’ve done over the years.”

He said he had no regrets about his time in office and is looking forward to great things from the county in the future.

“Our county is growing, and I’m pleased with it,” Amos said. “Ever since I’ve been here as a little boy, all I can remember is great things about our county, and I’m going to go out that way, remembering great things.”