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Planning board recommends Norman’s Landing rezoning, approves large subdivision in north Forsyth
normans landing
The property where Norman’s Landing used to be has been recommended for rezoning. - photo by File photo

The Forsyth County planning board, which serves as a recommending committee for the Board of Commissioners, held its monthly work session and public hearing on Tuesday, Nov. 14, where they discussed zoning applications to be heard at the BOC’s Dec. 21 meeting.

Stable approved for horse, Cassie, in north Forsyth neighborhood

What: Timothy and Colleen Adams requested a conditional use permit (CUP) to keep their horse, Cassie, in a structure in their backyard that they previously built without receiving proper building or land permits. The CUP was asking to allow a 144 square-foot, non-commercial horse stable on .59 acres currently zoned single family residential restricted district (R2R).

Where: Off Shady Grove Road in north Forsyth.

Comments: At the work session, planning board members said the owners moved from Florida and bought the property under the incorrect assumption that they could have a horse in a R2R-zoned property, which they could not, though at the public hearing, they heard statements from neighbors who largely supported the horse being on the property, saying it is not unusual to see other animals — both wild and domesticated — in the area.

Vote: 5-0 approve.

97 lots approved in south Forsyth

What: Nancy Bentley requested to rezone from Commercial Business District (CBD) and Agricultural District (A1) to Master Planned District (MPD) on about 21 acres for 97 attached residential units with a density of 4.63 units per acre and proposed commercial buildings totaling 29,000 square feet with 145 parking spaces.

 Where: On Sharon Road in south Forsyth, just east of the intersection with Peachtree Parkway.

Comments: This application has been in the works for more than a year, after it was postponed by both the planning board and the applicant.

Vote: 5-0 approve.

Large north Forsyth subdivision approved

What: Settingdown Properties, LLC wanted to rezone from Agricultural District (A1) to Single Family Community Residential District (CR2) on 163.4 acres for 202 residential lots with a density of 1.24 units per acre.

 Where: On Dr. Bramblett Road, just north of the intersection with Holbrook Road.

Comments: This application has been worked on for about a year to a year-and-a-half now, and was ultimately reduced to 175 lots from an initial 240. Planning board members downzoned the property to a Res-3 on Tuesday.

Vote: 5-0 approve.

89-lot neighborhood shopping district approved

What: Hopewell Group LLC has applied for two separate, but joint, rezonings. The first is asking to rezone from A1 to Res-3 on about 60 acres for 89 homes at a density of 1.5 units per acre, and the second is requesting to rezone from A1 to neighborhood shopping district (NS) on about 10 acres for a 6,000 square foot daycare and 30,000 square feet of commercial buildings with 146 parking spaces.

Where: Located on Dr. Bramblett Road, immediately west of Tomahawk Lane.

Comments: District 1 board member Rusty Whitlow previously said the applicant wants to subdivide the property, thus has submitted two applications. It originally came in as an MPD that “nobody wanted” so the Hopewell re-submitted the application as a Res-3. He said he would like the Res-3 to adhere to the new Res-3 standards (maximum density reduced from 2.2 to 1.8 units per acre.)

Vote: 5-0 approve the 89-lot application, 3-2 to approve the NS zoning, with district 1 board member Rusty Whitlow and District 3 board member Keith Banke opposed.

Rezoning requested to add a barn and shed

What: Garrett Spitzer requested to rezone from R2R and Lake Residential (LR) to A1 on about 8.5 acres for 1 residential unit, barn and shed.

 Where: On Freeland Road in north Forsyth.

Comments: Board members said this application was similar to one several months ago that required a new zoning to add an auxiliary building to it. R2R does not allow additional buildings; only A1 zonings allow multiple structures on a property.

Vote: 5-0 approve.

6-lot property approved in south Forsyth

What: Mark Corkery requested to rezone from A1 and R2R to Res-2 on about 4.7 acres for six residential lots.

 Where: On Echols Road in south Forsyth.

Comments: Planning board members worries a shared access driveway would prove a problem, though the application was ultimately approved.

Vote: 5-0 approve.

Warehouse approved on Freedom Parkway 

What: Warehouse One asked to build a 40,000 square foot office warehouse with 102 parking spaces with a CUP for an open storage yard and 2,000 sq. ft. mini-warehouses.

 Where: East of Freedom Parkway, just southwest of its intersection with Keith Bridge Road.

Comments: Planning board members previously said they did not want the open storage yard, so the applicant removed that aspect of the plan, which garnered approval from the board.

Vote: 4-1 approve, with District 2 board member Stacy Guy opposed.

Norman’s Landing property unanimously approved

What: Buckhead Crossing I, LLC requested to rezone the two acres of land from neighborhood shopping district (NS) to commercial business district (CBD) for proposed commercial buildings totaling 10,845 square feet with 82 parking spaces. The buildings would include a drive-thru restaurant — it is not yet known what eatery would occupy the space — and an oil change facility.

Where: On Peachtree Parkway, across from The Collections.

Comments: Planning board members received some responses that people did not like the oil change facility, so they nixed it.

Vote: 5-0 approve.

North Forsyth farm denied due to environmental concerns

What: Rocky Lane Cornelison asked to rezone from Open Space Residential District (OSR) to A1 on about 59 acres for non-commercial farming operations.

Where: On Old Preserve Trail in Ball Ground.

Comments: District 4 board member Bettina Hammond said she was concerned that pesticides that would potentially be used on the property would make their way into the nearby Etowah River and a pond on a neighboring proper. In part, she recommended denial because the applicant can currently do some of what she wants on the property as it is currently zoned, including growing blueberries. She suggested coming back to the board to ask for a CUP to have the livestock they want.

Vote: 4-1 deny, with Banke opposed to the denial.