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Planning Commission: Financial woes stir resolution
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Forsyth County News
A sour economy has inspired one local panel to encourage the Forsyth County commission to look at funding alternatives.

A resolution approved by a 4-1 vote of Forsyth County’s planning board during a work session Feb. 16 recommends the commission plan “fiscally sustainable business solutions for the operation of capital improvements and other improvements.”

Forsyth County Planning Commissioner Brant Meadows, who wrote the resolution, said it was spurred by the county’s financial woes.

“It’s pretty obvious, I think, that the county is experiencing financial difficulty,” he said. “And as we acquire more things, more properties, more public improvements, then somewhere you’ve got to find the money or funds to operate and maintain those.”

The resolution recommends that the county commission seek solutions through “independent business opportunities, partnerships and relationships creating a pro-business sport/eco-friendly destination in Forsyth County.”

Planning Commissioner Matt Murphy, who cast the lone vote against the resolution, said he thinks it’s “too broad.”

Murphy did say, however, that he agrees with the resolution’s assertion that the planning board should not only provide recommendations for zoning but also for planning.

Meadows said it’s not the first time the planning board has sent a resolution to the commission.

For example, Meadows said, the board recommended the sidewalk that now runs along Old Atlanta Road from Windermere Parkway to Lambert High School.