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Project stays on target despite weather
Road WEB
Construction on Atlanta Highway at Meadow Drive and Mary Alice Park and Bald Ridge roads continues on schedule despite recent wet weather, according to the state Department of Transportation. The $6.4 million improvement project is slated for a June completion. - photo by Autumn Vetter

Despite the recent wet winter weather, an improvement project at a busy Cumming intersection remains on track, according to officials with the state Department of Transportation.

Teri Pope, a spokeswoman with the DOT, said the work, which centers on Atlanta Highway where it meets Meadow Drive and Bald Ridge and Mary Alice Park roads, is more than half finished.

“The project is on schedule for its June 30 completion date,” she said. “Currently it is 61 percent complete.”

Crews began work in April 2012. The total project has been estimated at $6.4 million, which will come from a combination of federal and state funding. The city of Cumming also contributed $1.5 million to buy right of way.

When finished, improvements will include connecting Mary Alice Park and Bald Ridge roads. They will then flow together and join Meadow, which will be extended.

Meadow will then meet Atlanta Highway at a traffic light, and stop signs will be added at Mary Alice Park and Bald Ridge roads.

Upgrades will include making all the intersections 90-degree angles, as well as leveling some hills to flatten the topography, and improving the grades of the roads. Those will be straightened as much as possible.

Pope said winter is not the prime time of year for roadwork, but crews have done all they can during recent weeks.

“Winter has slowed work down … the precipitation in December and January has been more than normal so that has slowed work too,” she said. “November through March is typically our winter slow down time.

“We consider March through November as construction season, when most of the work occurs on projects.”

Pope said tasks such as laying asphalt and pouring concrete are “temperature sensitive. So these activities usually occur during construction season.”

Baldwin Paving Company, which was awarded the construction contract of $1.5 million, is “placing the base for the roadway … and pouring concrete curbing that will edge the roadway,” Pope said.

She thanked the community for its patience with the project.

“This is really going to increase safety and overall efficiency of that area,” she said.