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Qualifying ends for city posts
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Forsyth County News

City of Cumming residents won’t have to go to the polls this November.

After a week-long qualifying period in the city, no one other than the longtime incumbents came forward to run for the positions of mayor and council posts 1 and 2.

The qualifying period, which began at 8:30 a.m. Monday, closed at 4:30 p.m. Friday.

City clerk Jeff Honea confirmed that only incumbents H. Ford Gravitt, mayor, and councilmen Rupert Sexton and Quincy Holton qualified.

Had there been any opposed races, the municipal election would have been held Nov. 5.

Honea said all three incumbents completed the necessary paperwork and paid the respective fees, $360 for mayor and $180 for council seats, on Monday. 

There has been no contested election in Cumming, Forsyth County’s lone municipality, since 2003 when Gravitt faced an opponent.

It’s been more than two decades since all of the governing body drew opposition, in 1990.

Barbara Luth, Forsyth County’s supervisor of voter registrations and elections, said the city’s long dry spell for elections is something those in her line of work don’t often see.

“It is very unique,” said Luth, who has worked for the Forsyth County elections office since 2007. “I previously worked in Gwinnett [County] and we didn’t do a lot of city elections, but we worked with some of the cities and, yeah, that’s a long time to be in office.

“But hey, if it works for you, that’s good.”

Luth said the lack of a municipal election is nice for her office.

“That frees up our time to do other things,” she said.

This will be Gravitt’s 15th term as mayor. He first took office in 1970 after serving two, two-year terms as a city councilman.

Both incumbent council members are also longtime city leaders.

Holton, post 2, was first elected to the city’s governing body in 1968, while Sexton, post 1, has served as councilman for as long as Gravitt has been mayor, since 1970.