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Road condition cited in north Forsyth intersection closure.
Road Closed

In a news release posted to social media late Monday evening, Forsyth County officials warned residents that anyone who passes through the Settingdown Road/Martin Road intersection will need to find a new route, and fast.  

The release cites the "current condition of the roadway, as well as vehicles having difficulty negotiating through the construction zone" as reasons why they have closed the intersection to all traffic, effective immediately.  

The intersection is currently being modified from a 4-way stop to a roundabout after the change was approved by the Forsyth County Commission in 2017.  A press release issued by Forsyth County in late November indicated that traffic was being shifted to a temporary gravel surface until the roundabout is completed.

Now that this temporary road has been closed, residents should expect traffic at the already busy Coal Mountain intersection to increase as drivers find their way around the blocked road.  Officials did not specify how long the road would be closed, only saying it would be "until further notice."