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Second Forsyth County massage parlor license revoked
Employees recently arrested for prostitution
Edge Massage Therapy LLC

For the second time in two weeks, a Forsyth County massage parlor, which recently had employees arrested for prostitution, will likely have its license revoked after violating the county’s new massage and spa ordinance. 

Forsyth County commissioners voted to revoke the license for Edge Massage Therapy LLC, which is located at 765 McFarland Parkway, Suite C, for several violations to the ordinance at a meeting on Thursday. The revocation will go into effect in 30 days unless an appeal is entered.

“The notice that provides for the hearing this evening referenced three citations. Two of those citations were issued on March 2 of this year … that was for the front windows being covered with blinds and no licensed massage therapist,” County Attorney Ken Jarrard said. “There was also a third violation issued on March 29 of 2017, which was no licensed massage therapist. With respect to those, there was a payment of fines and admission of guilt in magistrate court.”

Also taken into account were violations in February and April, including not having employee records and a reported bed being found at the business.

David Graybeal, an attorney representing the business and licensee Yong Won Pak, said rules requiring the license holder to be on premises does not work out in day-to-day business and that the blinds could not be removed because they were owned by the landlord rather than the business.

“We’re asking that you consider the gravity of the citations,” he said. “I can’t do anything more than suggest that you consider those violations and you come to a conclusion that they might be worthy of suspension, but they certainly aren’t worthy of a revocation of a license in this particular matter.”

He said several employees have been fired due to the violations. 

Pak told commissioners the bed on premises was a misunderstanding and that it was actually a wider table for larger customers.

Two employees of the business have been arrested for prostitution this year. 

Myong Kim, 61, of Columbus, was charged with prostitution after an undercover operation by the Forsyth County’s Sheriff’s Office on March 2. 

Suk Yong Holman, 54, of Atlanta, was arrested for prostitution and cited for not being clothed appropriately and for “fondling the genitals of another,” on May 18.

Edge is the second massage parlor to have its license revoked in two weeks.

On May 22, the license for Healing Touch, also called BMB Sauna, on McFarland Parkway was revoked after violations were found for not keeping employee records on site, not having records of services provided, an employee having no employee permit, the employee not being clothed while with a client and three beds being found on premises.

The revocation will go into effect in 30 days unless an appeal is filed, in which case the revocation would be dependent on the decision. 

In November 2015, Forsyth County commissioners approved a new ordinance to crack down on illicit activities at massage parlors and spas, which went into effect in 2016.

Among the changes were requiring businesses and employees not licensed by the state to obtain a county license, employee records to be kept, minors to be accompanied by an adult and setting businesses hours from 7 a.m.-10 p.m., with workers on site from 6 a.m.-11 p.m.

Licenses cost $250 for a business and $25 for unlicensed massage therapists.