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Sewage spill likely result of vandalism
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Forsyth County News

Officials say an estimated 3,000 gallons of sewer spilled from a manhole Wednesday afternoon near the Deerlake subdivision in south Forsyth.

According to Tim Perkins, the county’s water and sewer director, Forsyth County crew found the overflowing sewer about 4 p.m. after receiving an alert from a testing company.

Mill Creek Environment found high fecal coliform levels in the creek about 2:45 p.m., and suspected a sewer spill in the area, Perkins said in a statement. A blockage in the manhole caused the overflow.

“The blockage was caused by a 7-foot log and several large rocks that had been thrown in the manhole,” Perkins said. “This appears to be a result of vandalism.”

Some of the sewage spilled from around where Peachtree Parkway meets McGinnis Ferry Road and reached nearby Johns Creek.

It took a county crew about 40 minutes to correct the clog and clean the area, Perkins said.

As required by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, signs were posted and monitoring has been set up.

The size of the spill is classified as minor because it was less than 10,000 gallons.

The spill is the third reported in the county this year.