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South Forsyth roads to get $10K in median improvements
Forsyth County

While south Forsyth traffic isn’t always a joy, some of it will soon be more pleasant to look at.

At a recent meeting, Forsyth County commissioners voted 4-0, with the District 2 seat vacant, to give $10,800 to the Peachtree Parkway Improvement District for median beautification on three roads. 

They approved $1,800 for three medians along Bethelview Road, $5,400 for nine medians along Castleberry Road and $3,600 for six medians along Mullinax Road. 

“[Engineers] will sit down with the district commissioner … and go over some proposed color schemes,” said Kristin Morrissey with the group. “The plants that they used on [Hwy.] 141 are drought-resistant, disease-resistant and they’re very low-maintenance.”

The group has previously worked to beautify Peachtree Parkway (Hwy. 141), and Morrissey said they are ready to move to other districts. 

In May, commissioners approved seven roadway beautification grants worth more than $50,000, including some from the 2016 budget, to the group. In 2016, commissioners authorized spending up to $40,000 in each district to beautify roads.

Morrissey said the group also uses funds from community donations, which they have collected before being approved for county funds.

“If the median costs $20,000 and we submit a grant to the county for $5,000 or $10,000, an HOA gives $5,000 and a business or developer gives $5,000,” she said, “you can get it done.”