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Speaker at Forsyth Tea Party wants constitutional term limits
James Alvarado

Some voters in Forsyth County believe there should be a cap on how long elected officials can serve. 

On Monday, The Forsyth County Tea Party and the United Tea Party of Georgia hosted James Alvarado, state director for U.S. Term Limits.

Alvarado spoke to the group in favor of term limits for Congress and said the most likely way to make it a reality is to hold a convention of the states, which is allowed under Article V of the U.S. Constitution and allows the states to pass an amendment to the Constitution.

“Article V of the Constitution was written in the Constitution by the Founding Fathers to go around Congress when they weren’t reliable to do their jobs,” Alvarado said.

Alvarado said he and U.S. Term Limits believe that lawmakers would not vote to put term limits on themselves and that the group needs 34 states to approve the single-issue meeting. Currently, only Florida has approved the measure.

“We did a poll last year, and 82 percent of [Georgians] —that’s Republicans, Democrats and Independents — all agree on one thing: term limits on Congress,” he said. 

Supporters say the measure would reduce the number of career politicians and allow more to run for office.

“Term limits do work. They have worked because it creates a rotation of open-seat elections,” Alvarado said.

Alvarado also encouraged attendees to support State Resolution 195 to call for an Article V convention for term limits. The resolution was sponsored in February but has not been approved by the state legislature.

Most of the evening’s attendees supported term limits, though those who were opposed said elections are term limits, which Alvarado said isn’t accurate due to the cost to run a campaign and other issues. 

During the meeting, candidates Jim Beck, insurance commissioner, and Shane Hazel, a candidate for Georgia’s 7th Congressional District, also spoke.

The groups meet at a combined meeting at VFW Post 9143 at 1045 Dahlonega Highway on the last Monday of each month. The United Tea Party of Georgia also hosts events in Lawrenceville and Buford.