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Storage facility development approved for Post Road
Forsyth County

Using recommendations from residents of two nearby neighborhoods, a new storage facility has been approved by county officials near the intersection of Majors and Post roads.

At a regular meeting this week, Forsyth County Commissioners voted 5-0 to approve building and development plans and amend zoning conditions on Your Extra Attic, a proposed storage facility and accompanying stores at 6075 Post Road.

A list of requirements worked on by residents of Vickery Village and the Polo Club were added as a condition to the zoning, and county attorney Ken Jarrard said anything on that list would overrule previous conditions for the building. 

“A lot of these conditions have been worked on for months and months and months between Polo Fields’ representatives and their HOA, along with Vickery,” said Commission Chairman Todd Levent. “I have to tell you, they’ve been working for six or seven months back and forth.”

Under those requirements, the property will be a single, mixed-use building “with at least 5,000 square feet of such building being used for either restaurant, retail, office or a combination” of those. 

That portion can be increased to 6,000 square feet if the county approves a variance for 35 parking spaces.

Other requirements dealt with keeping the facility closed between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m., hours for trucks to enter the property and architectural standards.

The building’s exterior will be 75-percent brick and mortar. Bricks must have antique finish rather than sharply-angled bricks, and each business will have a hanging sign for their business. 

The materials and look of the building are similar to Marathon Village in Nashville, according to the presentation at the meeting.

Representatives from the neighborhoods will be consulted for the “final color selection for the awning materials, and brick and paint colors for the exterior of the building.”

“One of the biggest concerns that we had from our neighborhood was having the right architecture and feel, especially for this area, given that is a character area,” said George Wilson with Vickery. 

“I think adding the retail space and having a benefit to the community outside of just storage also makes this a more interesting space,” he said. “The development and county have had previous issues, and in June, an order was given by the county to stop work until plans could be approved by commissioners. 

Levent said at the time a site development permit was erroneously given by a county employee and that the approved zoning required any plans to be reviewed and approved by commissioners before moving ahead.

County Attorney Ken Jarrard said the county is in the course of litigation tied to the stop work order.