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Tag office in south Forsyth reopening Monday

SOUTH FORSYTH --A Forsyth County tax commissioner’s office will reopen this week, after being closed for six weeks for renovations.


The Sharon Springs Tag Office will reopen at 8:30 a.m. Monday.


“We want to thank the citizens of Forsyth County for being patient with us as we complete this renovation job,” said Matthew Ledbetter, Forsyth County Tax Commissioner. “We know it’s been a trying time for the last six weeks and having to come up to the main office, but we’re happy to get it opened up and have it where we can handle them again.”


The project involved increasing the lobby of the building, additional seating and redesigning the customer service counters. Ledbetter said the aim was to improve customer service.


“We’ve made it where we have a better customer service situation with a better flow and better able to accommodate more customers,” Ledbetter said. “We did that by a total renovation of the office to redesign the office and open it up.”


This was the first renovation of the office since it’s opening in 1999.


The Sharon Springs Tag Office is at 1950 Sharon Road, inside of Sharon Springs Park.