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Tax assessment notices coming soon
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For more information, visit the Forsyth County Board of Tax Assessors’ department page at or call (770) 781-2106.

FORSYTH COUNTY — The Forsyth County Board of Tax Assessors will be sending out state-required annual tax assessment notices to all people who own property in the county.

Officials caution that the assessment notices, which are scheduled to be mailed out beginning Friday, are not a bill.

“A notice will be sent to all [county] property owners regardless of whether or not their property was reassessed,” said Mary Kirkpatrick, Forsyth’s chief appraiser. “The dollar amount included on this informational notice is purely an estimate and will be based on the previous year’s millage rate.”

Property owners should not send in payments after receiving the tax notices, as the data is for informational purposes.

In addition, they should note that the estimate is based on the previous year’s millage rate, which is subject to change before the actual tax bill goes out later in the year.

They also will have an opportunity to appeal the property value for 45 days after the date of the notice. The appeal process contains three different options, two of which involve fees:

* The board of equalization, which is made up of three residents appointed by the Grand Jury to hear property tax appeals, is available at no cost.

* Process of arbitration, without an appeal, to Superior Court.

* Appeal to a hearing officer with appeal rights to Superior Court. Available to a non-homestead property valued at more than $1 million.

Property owners who want to appeal their property value must submit it in writing. Appeal process details can be found on the Board of Assessors’ department page at