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Tax payments rolling in
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Forsyth County News

It seems that Forsyth County’s property owners are good about paying taxes.

Tax Commissioner Matthew Ledbetter said he expects to collect more than 100 percent of what is owed again this year, including late fees and other fines. To date, about a third of the county has paid up ahead of the Nov. 15 deadline.

“I think they want to be cooperative in paying their taxes, since we live in such a great community,” Ledbetter said. “We live in a good community. It really pays off in these situations.”

Forsyth County will receive more in tax revenue in 2013 from 2012 due to an increase in the digest, even though the millage rate stayed the same.

The tax digest for operations increased about 3.08 percent from 2012, mostly due to new development in Forsyth. That equates to about $1.15 million more for the county's general fund.

Property taxes fund county, school and state operations.

Forsyth County commissioners in October approved a 2014 general fund budget of nearly $96 million, of which about $38.3 million in revenue comes from personal and real property taxes.

According to Ledbetter, not everyone pays their taxes early. There are some “who hold onto it as long as they can.”

“I think the majority of folks are happy with our millage rate and the assessor’s office doing a good job with assessing property, which makes our job a whole lot easier,” he said.

Chief Appraiser Mary Kirkpatrick, said her office typically handles a lot of calls in August, when people receive their bills.

“Some people don’t really complain about their assessment until they get their bill and realize the money attached to it,” she said. “Of course at that point, it’s too late for them to do anything.”

Kirkpatrick said those who think their home is being overvalued must wait until April to request a property re-evaluation.


Staff writer Alyssa LaRenzie contributed to this report.