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Tucker qualifies for District 25 state seat
Anita Tucker
Anita Tucker

A political activist and former Forsyth County Board of education candidate is running for a state lawmaker seat.

Last week, Anita Tucker registered for the District 25 state House race. Tucker, a Democrat, will face the winner of the May 22 Republican primary between Incumbent Todd Jones and challenger Steven Grambergs in the Nov. 22 election. 

“I feel like people know who I am, not just in the county,” Tucker said. “In Georgia, there are people that support me and they feel like what I’m saying sounds true to them. I’m not beholden to any special groups. I don’t have a 9-5, so I can truly dedicate my time and will dedicate my time to getting all the input that’s needed.”

Tucker said she knows what she is up against in what is considered a heavily conservative area and said her politics differ from many current lawmakers in the state, such as firearm rules.

“We’re trying to make it easier instead of harder, and I think that is the wrong direction for Georgia,” she said.

She said she also supports expanding Medicaid in the state. 

“Not only is it fiscally irresponsible to expand Medicaid, it’s cruel,” Tucker said. “I think it is a horrible way for legislators to treat their constituents, the people that elected them. They’re not expanding Medicaid so people can get the help they need.”

Tucker said whoever is elected this year will still be in office when the next federal census is done in 2020. Census information is used in drawing political districts, and Tucker said she has advocated for an independent group to draw lines.

“Something I worked on last year down at the Dome and I’m focusing on as much as I can this year is the redistricting in a non-census year,” she said. “There needs to be a higher level of need to redistrict beyond what we have in Georgia now, which is basically somebody submits a bill and if they can get enough support it goes through … I believe we need to have redistricting taken out of the hands of the legislators.”

She sounded off on what she called “frivolous bills” being put forth by state lawmakers, such as a push to make English the state’s official language and religious liberty legislation.

“I think we need to focus on our infrastructure, our transportation issues, not whether someone sells a wedding cake to a same-sex couple,” Tucker said. “I just don’t think that’s where legislators need to be spending their time.”

Other topics Tucker plans to advocate for if elected are growing the middle class, revamping the state’s election system and changing how the state deals with immigration.

 “I fully support DACA,” she said. “I fully support a pathway for citizenship. I believe that people who are working hard and following all the rules and paying into the system for benefits they will never see deserve a path to citizenship.”