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Two gas stations in south Forsyth suspended for alcohol sale violations

A pair of RaceTrac gas stations in south Forsyth will not be able to sell alcohol for a seven day period that has not yet been determined.

The decision was made by Forsyth County commissioners at the regular meeting on Thursday and approved by a 4-0 vote, with the District 2 seat vacant. 

The stores and licensee John Logan were bought before the board for an administrative hearing after an employee sold alcohol to an underage sheriff’s office employee during an undercover operation at the store on 915 McFarland Parkway. 

Though this was the store’s first violation in 24 months, within the amount of time commissioners consider previous violations in a punishment, another store with Logan as the licensee at 510 Peachtree Parkway had committed three violations, one underage sale and two instances of employees not having IDs on premises.

Since the license was suspended, both stores will be closed. Forsyth County officials said on Friday the company had seven days to select which dates they will be closed but had not yet done so.

“Four violations,” District 4 Commissioner Cindy Jones Mills told RaceTrac officials. “RaceTrac is better than this, and you should be better. Whatever you’re doing is not working.”

Officials with the store told commissioners the responsible employee was fired and that they are working to correct the issues. 

Chairman Todd Levent recommended having different license holders at different stores and putting up a sign for employees to know how they could be impacted if they make underage sales.

“When we suggest to people you put right next to the time clock what your penalty can be as an employee who sells underage,” he said, “you hardly ever see them again.”