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Voter rolls continue to swell as election nears
Balloting gets under way Oct. 15
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Forsyth County News

The Forsyth County Office of Voter Registrations and Elections is as ready as it can be for this fall’s balloting.

During an elections board meeting Monday, Election Supervisor Barbara Luth said her department is current on voter sign-ups and has tested the voting machines.

The county has 113,883 registered voters, which is up about 300 in the past week.

Luth said she expects that number to continue to climb through Oct. 9, the last day to register to vote for the Nov. 6 election. Turnout locally at the polls could be as high as 75 percent.

With Monday’s approval to remove 32 deceased voters and four felons from the voter rolls, the only thing left to do is await the start of early voting Oct. 15.

Luth said this election should run quicker than previous ones due to a technology upgrade, “and we’re going to need faster because we’re going to have a lot of people voting.”

She also shared with the board’s three members a complete list of certified write-in candidates.

They include D.T. Smith for Forsyth County sheriff, running against Republican Duane Piper, as well as three write-in candidates for U.S. vice president and eight for president.

Luth noted voters could cast a ballot for any combination of vice presidential and presidential candidates, even those who have already selected a running mate for the ticket.

So if a voter wanted to elect incumbent President Barack Obama, or his Republican challenger Mitt Romney, but didn’t like their vice presidential picks, they could write in their choice from the certified vice presidential list.

However, they would also have to write in the presidential candidate, even if the man’s name already appears on the ballot.

Otherwise, Luth said, it would count as an over-vote, since Obama and Romney come as a package with their running mates.

A list of certified write-in candidates will be available at each voting precinct. After the election, it will be up to the board to decide the intent of the voter, if spelling is not correct.