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Why Wednesday’s weather siren test will sound different
severe weather

Forsyth County will conduct its monthly severe weather siren test on Wednesday, but it will sound a little different than it has in the past.

Wednesday’s test, and tests going forward, will replace the former “test tone” with a “warning tone,” which was previously “used exclusively in the event of an actual tornado warning.”

“The decision to begin conducting the siren tests with the warning tone instead of the test tone was made to help avoid confusion and to help residents recognize what the alarm signifies should there be an actual tornado warning in the county,” said Chris Grimes, director of the county’s Emergency Management Agency.

The tests will be held at noon on Wednesdays, weather permitting.

There are 17 outdoor severe weather sirens in the county, which “are only designed to be heard by individuals outside during severe weather.” County officials recommend that residents should have other ways of receiving severe weather notifications when inside. 

County residents can sign up for severe weather alerts at