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Local music composer featured in movie
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FORSYTH COUNTY -- It’s pretty rare to hear music from Forsyth County on the big screen. Some might even call it an anomaly.

Local music composer Mark Kueffner recently recorded the score, or music, for the upcoming film “Anomaly,” using talent from the Sounds of Sawnee Concert Band.

“It’s a mix of me on the keyboards and some live musicians,” Kueffner said. “It was really nice to use some local musicians.”

The film is currently in the process of trying to get picked up for worldwide release, and was directed by Webster Batista.

Thought featuring local music, moviegoers should make sure they know the film’s subject matter.

“It’s a horror movie, it’s about spirits and a house that is occupied by spirits,” Kueffner said. “It kind of falls along the lines of [horror movies] ‘Insidious’ or ‘The Conjuring.’”

Kueffner said this will be his third horror movie, but has provided music for projects including animated movies, documentaries, action films and TV shows.

He said after years of playing and recording all types of music he wanted to do something new.

“About three years ago, I really got the bug to do the movie thing,” he said. “I really started studying real hard about three or four years ago, and it just seemed the next logical thing.”

Sounds of Sawnee member Tom Davis played bassoon for the film, which he said exceeded his expectations.

“When I first heard about this session, the thought that actually went through my mind was that this was some kind of backyard, self-filmed thing, but it’s not,” Davis said. “It has really good production values, so this was kind of cool.”

He was one of several woodwind musicians from the group to record for the movie and said that the process was a bit different for the group.

“The interesting thing about this kind of recording is it has to absolutely, just unbelievably, precise,” Davis said. “Usually we’re worried about getting all the notes in, and this time we were worried about being exactly together and precise.”

Davis said that the band is always looking for new projects and, in one way, he is looking forward to the very end of the movie.

“It’s certainly an opportunity,” he said. “My understanding is that we’re going to get screen credit for this, so all the people that stay and watch all the credits at the end, I’m certain there will be a blurb.”