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Merger blends ASA, Fusion
New soccer club will debut June 1
Players with the Forsyth Fusion soccer league will become part of the United Futbol Academy. - photo by Jennifer Sami
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Two large Forsyth County soccer clubs are set to merge.

The Forsyth Fusion and the Atlanta Soccer Academy will finish the spring season before becoming the United Futbol Academy on June 1.

Linda Ebert, communications director for the new group, said having two clubs in the same area had “dispersed the player pool” and the resources.

“With the two clubs coming together, we’re not competing against each other for players or playing space,” she said. “We’re able to have the best team structure for all the kids in the community.”

The coaches from each club will join with United Futbol Academy, she said, and two principals from each group will form the new leadership.

Debbie Parks, Atlanta Soccer Academy board member and registrar, said in a statement the merger is “a win-win for everyone.”

“Current and future soccer players from this community will have greater opportunities to enjoy soccer as well as attain their highest level of play,” she said.

Jon Michaud, president of Forsyth Fusion, agreed.

“In an effort to increase opportunities and provide an even greater level of service to this community, we knew that coming together with ASA was the best next step,” he said in a statement.

Two community information meetings will take place at the end of April, when registration will begin.

Tryouts for competitive teams will take place in June, as usual, and children will be placed on teams according to skill level.

“[Players] may be playing with a different group of players,” Ebert said, “but that group will give them the best opportunity to develop their skill set and to be able to experience play that’s more beneficial to them.”

The select, or competitive, teams from each club have been playing against each other, as well as other teams across the state.

United Futbol Academy also will offer recreational leagues for children ages 3 to 18 and adults, who will play games locally within the club.

While competitive leagues will continue to travel and play a similar schedule, recreational leagues likely will travel less, Ebert said.

“We’ll be able to play much closer to home and possibly even just county kids,” she said.

The club will continue to play on county park fields, including at the new Fowler Park when it opens in January.

The cost to players will remain “comparable,” said Ebert, adding that both groups have been “cost-conscious” when it comes to families.

Forsyth Fusion formed in 1992 as the Rowdies. ASA started in 2003.

Forsyth currently has three clubs, including the YMCA, and about 3,700 players this spring season, said Wayne Maddox, manager of the county park department’s athletic division.

Like most youth sports, soccer’s growth has slowed recently, he said, but children consistently sign up each year and the parents are dedicated.

“To soccer people, it’s the only thing,” Maddox said.

Merging the two groups will allow easier access for the clubs to county resources, such as field time.

“I believe it will probably serve the soccer community well,” he said. “Instead of having two different booster clubs working independently, working together seems like it would be beneficial.”