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Mom arrested after letting kids trespass to pick chestnuts

SOUTH FORSYTH A 38-year-old mother was arrested on criminal trespass and simple battery charges after getting into a dispute over allowing her children to pick chestnuts from trees at a subdivision clubhouse.

The president of the homeowner’s association for the Summit at Brookwood off Lakeheath Drive reported she drove by the clubhouse about 6 p.m. Oct. 4 and noticed three “small children with bags collecting chestnuts” from several Asian chestnut trees.

According to a Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office report, the 75-year-old woman told deputies she had placed several “no trespassing” signs around the area to prevent people from picking the nuts and damaging the trees.

After speaking with the children, she found their mother sitting in a car in the parking lot and explained why picking chestnuts was not allowed. The mother stated she saw the “no trespassing” signs but “did not understand what the problem was.”

The children then got into the car as the mother, identified in the report as Jung-Hyun Park, began to back up as if to leave, the report said, at which point the complainant tried to take a photo of the license plate.

Park then got out of the car and tried to grab the bag of chestnuts from the woman’s hands, grabbing her “hands and fingers in an attempt to snatch the bags.”

When she failed to do so, the report said, Park grabbed the woman’s shirt “on both sides of her shoulders,” pulling her in and “demanded that [the woman] give her back the bags of chestnuts.” When the woman threatened to call 911, Park let go and drove away.

After calling 911 and reviewing surveillance footage with the woman, deputies drove to Park’s house and verified the incident. She admitted having grabbed the woman’s hands and that she knew what the “no trespassing” signs meant.

The deputy then arrested Park “based on the fact that she did admit to intentionally harming [the woman] in a provoking manner and the fact that she admitted to intentionally ignoring posted ‘no trespassing’ signs on the property.”