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Not so one-in-a-million winning lottery ticket bought in Forsyth County
A wall of lottery tickets welcomes customers as they walk into the Chevron gas station on Ronald Reagan Boulevard. With more than 40 different lottery games offered, the location has become a popular one. A banner displaying a $962,742 win in 2017 is hung up by the cash register. -Photo by Alyssa Freyman

By Alyssa Freyman

For the Forsyth County News

On June 9, one lucky customer bought a million-dollar lottery ticket at the Chevron gas station on Ronald Reagan Boulevard.

While this was a surprise to the winner, it certainly wasn’t the first time this particular gas station sold a winning ticket.

Yatin Patel has been the manager and owner of the Chevron gas station for about six years. Patel said he has witnessed several patrons buy winning Georgia Lottery tickets. One such occasion was back in 2016 when Patel sold a ticket that ended up being worth $800,000. A year later, he sold a ticket that won $967,742.

The Georgia Lottery has been around in various forms since 1992 with the main purpose of increasing education funding. Since then, the Georgia Lottery has raised $20 billion dollars towards that cause, which has helped students from pre-K to college get their education funded.

Forsyth County residents have accumulated $395,185,699 in winnings since 1994, according to Georgia Lottery, while local lottery ticket purchases have provided $155,260,222 for the HOPE scholarship program alone.

While consumers can pick their own lottery ticket numbers, all three of the winning tickets purchased at Patel’s Chevron had one thing in common.

“It was scratch tickets,” Patel said.

Although there are many different scratch games, the three recent winners played Cash Blast, Simmering Fortune and Fabulous Five. The million-dollar winner played Fabulous Five, Patel said, which requires a winner to match “2, 3, 4, or 5 of the Fantasy 5 winning numbers” for a cash prize, according to Georgia Lottery’s website.

As the owner of a store with a winning ticket, Patel does not get any portion of the money that is won, he said. The only thing Patel receives with these wins is the publicity.

 - By Alyssa Freyman for the Forsyth County News