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Officials: discolored water in Forsyth safe for all uses
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FORSYTH COUNTY – Forsyth County officials said Monday afternoon that discolored water reported by customers was caused by an increased mineral content and that it is safe for drinking, bathing and cooking.

According to news release sent by the county, the water is safe for all uses and the discoloration is due to increased content of iron and manganese, which were stirred up by a pair of water main breaks – one in the northern and one in the southern part of the county – last week.

“The discoloration in the water is being caused by natural minerals,” Director of Water and Sewer Tim Perkins said in the release. “While it appears to already be clearing up in a majority of the water system, customers may continue to see some discoloration for several days.”

Both minerals are found naturally in water, and there is no need to boil the water.

The department is continuing to test water quality, and the county will notify customers if the water becomes unsafe.

“In the unlikely event the water supply does not meet all water quality standards, Forsyth County would notify customers through such means as emergency notification calls and the Forsyth County website at,” the release said.