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Officials: Voting not affected after transformer fire outside north Forsyth precinct
Transformer fire

NORTH FORSYTH – Voters and poll workers at Sawnee Mountain Park got a surprise Tuesday morning when a transformer just outside the polling location caught fire just after 8:30.

The lights reportedly flashed, but the power to the building never went off and voting was not interrupted.

Blake House, vice president of memeber services for Sawnee EMC, said the incident happened when a car hit the transformer, knocking it off its pad.  This caused a fuse on a nearby pole to blow.

The flash and pop from the fuse blowing out is likely what the pollworkers heard, House said.

Poll workers said the building shook and that it sounded like thunder.

The Forsyth County Fire Department was called to the location, and Sawnee EMC worked Tuesday morning to replace the transformer.

The community building at Sawnee Mountain Park is one of a number of polling locations open throughout the county today until 7 p.m. for the General Primary election.

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