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Possible whooping cough case reported at Brenau University

HALL COUNTY - A group of students and employees at Brenau University may have been exposed to pertussis, also knows as whooping cough.

The university has alerted students, faculty and staff about the potential case that began the week of Aug. 16 and has been in touch with those who may have been exposed to the carrier, according to a news release.

The illness begins with cold symptoms including a cough and runny nose and worsens over one or two weeks to include coughing fits and sometimes vomiting. It is spread by coughing or sneezing.

“The vast majority of Brenau students have been vaccinated and are at low risk of contracting this, but we felt it imperative to make everyone aware of the probable case and to share possible symptoms,” Vice President for Students Services Amanda Lammers said in a news release.

Brenau is working with the Georgia Department of Health and the Hall County Health Department to identify the source of the illness.

Students and faculty can get a free Tdap booster shot at the Center for Health & Well-Being beginning on the afternoon of Aug. 28.

Compiled from a Brenau University news release. See original whooping cough story from the Times here.