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Rabid raccoon confirmed in Hall County

Officials have confirmed a case of rabies in the Murrayville community, the fifth case this year in Hall County.

A raccoon, which was killed by a dog, tested positive for rabies by the Georgia Public Health Lab, Virology section Friday. The incident happened on the 5800 block of Thompson Bridge Road, according to a statement released by Hall County government offices.

Hall County Animal Services Director Mike Ledford said the dog had been vaccinated for rabies prior to the encounter with the rabid raccoon. The dog was vaccinated again and will be quarantined at home for a few weeks as a precaution.

Ledford said there is no immediate danger to the community, but his office placed signs within a mile radius of the incident site alerting residents of the confirmed case.

“We urge every pet owner with a dog or other animal who is not vaccinated for rabies to please do so,” he said. “It’s a very low cost to save a whole lot of problems in the future.” 

He added five rabies cases are typical for this time of the year in Hall County. Four of the five confirmed cases were raccoons; the other was a fox.

“They’re so abundant in this area; they’re just everywhere,” Ledford said of raccoons.