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Repairs progressing on Sanders Road

May 19 will mark the third anniversary of the closing of Sanders Road, and it’s possible the road could be open before that day.

In May 2013, the earthen dam that held back the former Lake Alice breached, sending torrents of water and sediment across the road and into the nearby cove of Lake Lanier. A portion of Sanders Road was heavily damaged and has been closed since.

Scott Morgan, Cumming’s director of planning and zoning, said that the road has been paved, but it could be a little while longer before it opens to public traffic due to work to dredge sediment from the cove and for public safety.

“Because of the work that is going on just downstream from there with the dredging, we need to wait a little while before we reopen the road,” Morgan said. “Number one, because the dredging contractor is going to have trucks coming out on Sanders Road.

“That combined with the fact that it could be a visual distraction for drivers on Sanders if they were trying to watch that work going on.”
Morgan said that the road could be open by the end of the month, though no official date was in place.

Work on the project began in November but was slowed by heavy rain. Morgan said that much of the work has since been completed.

“The double box culvert is in. The wing walls are in,” Morgan said. “They’ve put all of the new rock in, they’ve reshaped the drainage ditches, they’ve matted and grassed the shoulders.”

Morgan said that there is still some work to be done.

“I think all that is left now is, in addition to removing the remainder of the excess dirt and cleaning up, they obviously have to install water and gas lines on the west side of the road and then restripe the new pavement itself,” he said.