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Second town hall meeting to discuss Forsyth governance, new city

FORSYTH COUNTY — More talk of changes to Forsyth County’s governance, including a potential second city in south Forsyth, will be aired at a town hall meeting Wednesday night.

The gathering, organized by District 26 state Rep. Geoff Duncan, is set for 7 p.m. in the Coal Mountain Park Community Building.

Duncan’s meeting is expected to follow along the lines of the first town hall meeting on the subject, which was held last month by state District 25 Rep. Mike Dudgeon.

All topics are open for discussion, but the emphasis will be on local governance issues, such as the makeup of the county commission, a potential consolidation of Cumming and Forsyth County’s governments and the proposed city of Sharon Springs.

More than 200 people attended the October meeting at Lambert High School.

Dudgeon, who like Duncan is a Republican from south Forsyth, wrote a guest column for the Forsyth County News in August. In it, he stated that — given Forsyth’s size and population — having one city and one county government is unusual.

Staying the course may not be the best option for the future of the county and its growth, he wrote.

A guest column submitted by Jim Warner in response to Dudgeon’s raised questions as to whether a new city is really the best solution.

These town hall meetings, officials have said, are meant to give those in charge of leading the county a better picture of what residents want.

Anyone wishing to speak in advance must email Rep. Duncan at

The exact format of the meeting will be determined once speakers send in their topics.