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South Forsyth's Woodall confident of success under Republican president
Woodall Rob
Rob Woodall. - photo by FCN file photo

This week, a veterans group heard from a U.S. congressman on issues affecting veterans and the country under President Donald Trump.

U.S. Rep. Rob Woodall, who represents Georgia’s Seventh District, spoke on Monday to American Legion Post 307 on Aquatic Circle. Woodall said the meeting was his first time addressing the group with a Republican president.

“I did not realize until I woke up on Nov. 9 how tired I was of coming by meeting after meeting after meeting telling people all the things I thought needed to happen, all the things I wanted to do, all the things we passed in the House but we just couldn’t get them across the finish line, I had to come and tell you why,” Woodall said. “On Nov. 9 that all changed. There is absolutely no reason at all I can’t get something done on your behalf.”

Woodall said he had been expected to carry a bill to improve accountability at the veterans’ administration but was delayed due to snow in Washington. He said there were a total of three bills on the House floor for veterans, including one to make it easier to get hired at veterans’ administration.

“If you’re an intern, you’re working your way through school, you’ve been interning with the VA, folks have gotten to know and they like you,” Woodall said, “and now you’re graduated and looking for a job, you have to go through the same process everyone else has to go through in terms of reapplying.”

During the presentation, Woodall was also asked several questions from the group, including one on allowing H1B visas for workers with specialized degrees and skills. Woodall said the country needs to look at an immigration policy for jobs.

“We’re going to have an immigration policy in this country … we are hoping to need population growth in order to keep the economy on track,” he said, later adding, “We have more first-generation American families in this congressional district than any other red state, Republican district in the country, mostly high-skilled folks.”

Other questions involved veterans’ choice for hospitals, Medicare and veteran suicides.

Woodall also said having the current administration is an opportunity for the state and that Trump is assembling “one of the most talented cabinets in the history of this country.”

“We are going to have more Georgians in President Trump’s cabinet than we had President Carter’s cabinet,” he said. “That’s going to be good for us when we’re trying to get things done.”