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The election field so far: who is running for Forsyth state positions
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Cumming Mayor Ford Gravitt opens the ceremony
- photo by Jim Dean
Ford H. Gravitt

Who he is: Cumming mayor

What he is running for: His 15th term as mayor

More about him: Gravitt has held the position since 1971 and was previously elected to the Cumming City Council in 1966. He worked in the automotive industry for 44 years before retiring in 1998.

What he is running on: Gravitt said there are many projects he wants to see through, including new offerings from the Cumming Fairgrounds, additional water and sewer lines, negotiating the next SPLOST with Forsyth County and using SPLOST funds for a new city court facility.

“We’ve done a lot over the 50 years; we’ve come from being very pioneer to having a $32 million budget compared to a $60,000 a year budget when I went into office, with no property taxes,” he said. “There’s still a lot to be done; we’ll never get it done, but there is a lot to do.”

What he has done since announcing: He held a campaign kickoff event at Otwell Manor for more than 100 supporters, where he talked about the changes he has seen in the city since being elected and laid out what he wants to see done in the future, which includes a closed arena at the Cuming Fairgrounds and a massive development at Mary Alice Park.

Election date: November 2017

Brumbalow will be the first candidate other than incumbent Mayor H. Ford Gravitt to run for the seat since 2003.
Troy Brumbalow

Who he is: Businessman and Cumming native

What he is running for: Mayor of Cumming

More about him: Brumbalow is a 1990 graduate of South Forsyth High School and owns several local businesses. He is the first person to challenge Gravitt to the mayoral seat since 2003.

What he is running on: Brumbalow said he wants to build on the “successes of the past” while moving Cumming into the future.

“This is the basis of my campaign’s motto, ‘Respect the Past while Moving Forward!’ I want Cumming to be a place where people want to grow their businesses and raise their families.”

What he has done since announcing: He hosted a campaign kickoff event downtown that featured food and music and a car show.

Election date: November 2017

Williams Michael
Michael Williams.
Michael Williams

Who he is: District 27 state senator

What he is running for: Governor

More about him: Williams is in his second term as the senator who represents most of Forsyth County. He was the first elected official to endorse then-nominee Donald Trump for presidents and has mirrored his steps up the political ladder with Trump’s victory.

What he is running on: Williams has never wavered on his position as a political outsider and business man, not a politician.

“Voters are tired of the political games and the false promise of career politicians,” he said in a mass email announcing his bid for governor. “People want someone willing to take a stand for what they believe, someone who will relentlessly pursue fearless conservative reform.”

What he has done since announcing: Williams has started fundraising and campaigning on “truly conservative values.” He said he was offered a key Senate position to drop his campaign but that he will, not back down. He was recently seen attending a rally called March Against Sharia in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park.

Election date: November 2018

Geoff Duncan

Who he is: District 26 state representative

What he is running for: Lieutenant governor

More about him: Duncan was first elected in 2012 and is the CEO of Wellview Health Inc.

What he is running on: “I think there is going to be an opportunity to really champion process and procedures,” he said. “One thing that Geoff Duncan as the lieutenant governor would be there to allow good policy ideas to come in and be fully-vetted by the Senate and by hardworking Georgians and hopefully getting those ideas across the finish line.”

What he has done since announcing: “I get to hit the campaign trail in 158 other counties to show them the hard work that we’re doing in Forsyth County.”

Election date: November 2018

Greg Dolezal
Greg Dolezal
Greg Dolezal

Who he is: Businessman and west Forsyth resident

What he is running for: District 27 state senator

More about him: Dolezal is a former member of the county planning board and has been active in local politics.

What he is running on: “I’ve always had an eye for state and local issues,” Dolezal said, “and we need mouthpieces at the state level who are speaking up for conservative values. Forsyth County is a prosperous community and I want make sure everyone in state continues to keep [the county] viable.

What he has done since announcing: He announced a steering committee made up of more than 175 county leaders who share his values, including the sheriff and local officials.

Election date: November 2018

Marc Morris

Marc Morris

Who he is: Businessman and Navy veteran

What he is running for: District 26 state rep.

More about him: Morris joined the Navy after his junior year of high school and founded The Talmadge Group in 1998.

What he is running on: “I will work to keep our schools strong, protect our water resources and continue an intense focus on transportation improvements. And as a committed conservative, I will protect the values and principles we hold dear.”

Election date: November 2018