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Fielder announces candidacy for District 27 state senate seat
Bill Fielder
Bill Fielder

A Forsyth County resident has announced his candidacy for a state senate seat. 

In October, Bill Fielder announced his campaign for District 27 state senator to replace the outgoing Michael Williams, who is running for governor and cannot run for both seats. Fielder said he was inspired by President Donald Trump to run for office. 

“I’m tired of politicians and unprincipled candidates who are shackled with relationships they already have with different governmental entities,” Fielder said. “So, I’ve been inspired by President Trump to fight the establishment here in Georgia.”

Fielder, a businessman, said he has lived in Forsyth County for more than 20 years and is a third-generation Georgian. He was born in Thomasville and grew up in Columbus. 

He said the state has lost some of its conservative focus. 

“We as a state have lost our focus on support of military and veterans,” he said.  “I think a natural extension of that is law enforcement officers, so I’m in support of all of those, as well as second amendment rights.”

The District 27 race is now up to three candidates after former Forsyth County Commissioner Brian Tam announced his candidacy for the seat earlier this week. 

Greg Dolezal, a local businessman and member of the county’s planning board, announced in June 2017 he would run for the seat. 

Fielder said there are several issues he would want to take on if elected and that legislation for religious liberty was one of his biggest targets. 

“The thing that got me into the race was the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which was a very straightforward, eight-page bill that protects individuals and organizations from being prosecuted just based on their established religious beliefs and practices,” 

Fielder said he would also like to see a reform in Georgia’s taxes.  

“I want to eliminate the state income tax,” he said. “I think we can do that the right way and have a fair tax where everyone pays their fair share.”

He also said he wants to keep immigration to the state and the state’s spending under control.

“I’m against sanctuary cities, and I want to deport the illegal aliens from the state,” he said. “And I think we need to eliminate wasteful spending, which basically comes from corrupt, crony capitalism.”

Fielder is the owner of five television stations managed out of Forsyth County and is a member of Christ Community Church, where he formerly served as treasurer.  

“I’m a small-business man with a background in television broadcasting,” he said, “where I stayed conservative in my approach to local markets.”