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Forsyth County GOP hosts a meet-and-greet with state party candidates
David Shafer
Longtime state lawmaker David Shafer - photo by Micah Green

This weekend, state Republicans officials will select new party leadership, but before that, those up for consideration had a chance this week to meet with local constituents.

On Monday, officials from Republican parties across north Georgia hosted held a meet and greet event at 6140 Events, where party members had a chance to talk with officials vying for positions including chairman, first vice chair and more before the Georgia Republican State Convention this weekend in Savannah.

“It was really a terrific event. It really a truly was,” said Carolyn Hall Fisher, first vice chair of the Georgia Republican Party and a former chair of the Forsyth County Republican Party. “It was kind of the last big event that we’ll have before Savannah. This has been going on since January, and we’re all ready for it to come to its culmination in Savannah. We’re all a little bit tired, but we’ve all enjoyed traveling the state and connecting with the grassroots, which is always a nice thing to do.”

The convention will officially kick off on Friday and will hear from Gov. Brian Kemp, Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan and Sen. David Purdue on Saturday, before voting for officers. Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president and former campaign manager for President Donald Trump, will speak at a dinner on Friday.

“We’ve done everything that we possibly can do to make this convention one of the best that we’ve ever had,” Fisher said. “I hope that people enjoy it because it has really been a labor of love because we care so much about the party and grassroots and want to make sure everybody has a good time while they’re doing this important work.”

At the convention, delegates will select a new chair after current Chairman John Watson announced he will not be running for the seat. Candidates include Bruce Azevedo, Mary Kay Bacallao, Scott Johnson and David Shafer.

Fisher said she is running again for the first vice chair seat, which she has held since 2017.

“I’ve had this job for two years, so hopefully it will be a little bit less stressful than it was the last time,” she said.