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Griffiths announces state Senate campaign
Brooke Griffiths
Democrat Brooke Griffiths recently announced her campaign for the District 27 state Senate seat, which makes up the majority of Forsyth County. - photo by For the FCN

The 2020 election cycle is already gearing up, and a Democratic challenger for Forsyth County’s largest state Senate seat has announced her intention to run.

Brooke Griffiths, a small business owner, recently announced her candidacy for the District 27 seat currently held by incumbent state Sen. Greg Dolezal, who won his first term in 2018. District 27 makes up the majority of Forsyth County except a northeast corner of the county across Hwy. 53.

"As a wife, mother of three, and the survivor of a devastating brain tumor, I'm running to focus on issues important to Forsyth's women and children – and the people who love them. Issues including public schools, affordable healthcare, and reproductive rights," she said in a news release.

For healthcare, she favors Medicaid expansion in the state.

“Georgia's healthcare crisis also includes a horrifying maternal mortality rate, particularly for women of color,” Griffiths said on her campaign site. “Expanding Medicaid would mean we can better support our state's women and children. We could save lives that needn't be lost through lack of medical access.

She is also in favor of drug reform through decriminalizing the possession of recreation amounts of marijuana, expansion of access to medical marijuana and elimination of mandatory minimums and cash bail. Griffiths also wants to implement required safety training and licensing, background checks and prohibitions for domestic abusers for gun ownership.

Griffiths described Georgia’s controversial House Bill 481 – which is often called the “heartbeat bill” and would outlaw abortion “at the point when a detectable human heartbeat exists,” which is “as early as six weeks” – as “cruel” and favored expanded access to reproductive healthcare and contraception, age-appropriate sex education and paid maternity leave and childcare options.

“I vow to support Georgia's women. I will make sure my votes are based on facts and not on a political gamble,” Griffiths said. “And as more women in Georgia are elected, we will see the terrible, irresponsible HB481 overturned.”

Griffiths has lived in south Forsyth for nine years and has worked as a journalist and design professional. She has been married to her husband, Dave, for 27 years, and the couple has three children: Caiti, Eoin and Cara. She campaigns for Democratic candidates in the area and formed Connect the Dots, a local progressive group.

“Forsyth County deserves a representative who is honest in what she believes and how she will lead,” Griffiths said, “[who] knows that openly supporting our increasingly diverse community is key to leading our county forward.”

More information for Griffith’s campaign is available at