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Take a look at Halcyon’s new Greenway trailhead
Halcyon Greenway
A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on Wednesday for a new trailhead for the Big Creek Greenway at Halcyon. - photo by Kelly Whitmire

Since its opening in September, Halcyon, a mixed-use development off Ronald Reagan Boulevard, has offered shopping, movies and lots of food, and now, the development will have a place for runners, bikers and those looking to enjoy nature.

On Wednesday morning, local officials and representatives with RocaPoint Partners, Halcyon’s developer, took part in a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new trailhead of the Big Creek Greenway, which runs beside the development.

“The Big Creek Greenway was one of the primary reasons that we at RocaPoint chose this site for Halcyon,” said Phil Mays, a principal with RocaPoint. “We thought it was really an unparalleled opportunity to connect communities and people – moms, kids, walkers, joggers, bikers – to places where people work, where people can eat, where people can go for a movie and where people can live.”

Mays compared to the Greenway to a miniature version of Atlanta’s Beltline “but it’s for real.”

“It’s 10-plus miles, it’s actually on the ground and they’re not talking about a future spur of half a mile or a quarter-mile,” Mays said.

Forsyth County District 2 Commissioner Dennis Brown thanked officials with RocaPoint for their work on the project and said the area had come a long way from the plan to the reality.

“A lot of you may not know just how muddy it was out here when this thing started,” Brown said. “There were none of the nice buildings. There wasn’t even asphalt.”

Brown said commissioners have recently pushed to see how developments can tie into the Greenway.

“Every time we do a development, we look for opportunities to tie it in with existing properties and development to make it even greater,” Brown said. “This is just a prime opportunity right here at [Ga.] 400.”

The new trailhead, located at 6265 Cortland Walk, will be the fourth on the Greenway in Forsyth County, along with locations at Union Hill Road, Fowler Park and Bethelview Road.

The Greenway will eventually span 15 miles in Forsyth County when the future Phase 5 is complete, and there have been talks with linking the Forsyth portion to Alpharetta’s Greenway.

“Currently, Big Creek Greenway, it’s about 9.5 miles, and our extension that we’ve done is about a mile-and-a-half,” said Danielle Handy, with RocaPoint. “It basically brings you from Kelly Mill Road all the way down to Ronald Reagan, here at the intersection. We think that ultimately over the years once we get the extension with the city of Alpharetta, it will really provide a huge amenity for this area in terms of the overall mileage the Greenway will provide.”

Handy said future plans include a walkway underneath Ronald Reagan, meaning pedestrians would not have to cross the road to get to or from Halcyon.

Halcyon’s trailhead is expected to include a station of rentable bikes from Geaux Bikes, the bike-share company that started this past June with its first location at Fowler Park.

The trailhead and its parking will be on the opposite side of Ronald Reagan from Halcyon, which will eventually be used for residential and commercial businesses, including plans for a doggy daycare for those wanting to use the trail or enjoy the stores and restaurants.

“Let’s just say that you are taking your dog down the Greenway and you want to maybe stop and have a bite to eat at Halcyon,” Handy said, ”You can leave your dog at the doggy daycare and cross the street and enjoy a movie or a bite to eat or whatever you want to do.”