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Todd Jones wins state House District 25 seat
Will succeed Mike Dudgeon in south Forsyth
Todd Jones

State Rep. District 25 (R)
* D. Stuart Jones — 19.73 percent, 853 votes
* Todd Jones — 80.27 percent, 3,470 votes

U.S. Senate (R)
* Mary Kay Bacallao — Forsyth: 12.68 percent, 2,336 votes; Georgia: 10.56 percent, 58,117 votes
* Derrick Grayson — Forsyth: 12.26 percent, 2.259 votes; Georgia: 12.02 percent, 66,187 votes
* Johnny Isakson (Incumbent) — Forsyth: 75.07 percent, 13,833 votes; Georgia: 77.42 percent, 426,296 votes

U.S Senate (D)
* Jim Barksdale — Forsyth: 51.94 percent, 428 votes; Georgia: 53.52 percent, 146,018 votes
* Cheryl Copeland — Forsyth: 42.48 percent, 350 votes; Georgia: 42.32 percent, 115.466 votes
* John F. Coyne III — Forsyth: 5.58 percent, 46 votes; Georgia: 4.16 percent, 11,360 votes

Public Service Commissioner (R)
* Kellie Pollard Austin — Forsyth: 15.92 percent, 2,756 votes; Georgia: 13.07 percent, 67,480 votes
* Tim Echols (Incumbent) — Forsyth: 65.36 percent, 11.315 votes; Georgia: 68.97 percent, 356,077 votes
* Michelle Miller — Forsyth: 18.73 percent, 3,242 votes; Georgia: 17.96 percent, 92,748 votes

U.S. Rep. District 9 (R)
* Paul C. Broun — Forsyth: 18.47 percent, 1,192 votes
* Doug Collins (Incumbent) — Forsyth: 69.12 percent, 4,461 votes
* Roger Fitzpatrick — Forsyth: 7.30 percent, 471 votes
* Bernie Fontaine — Forsyth: 2.25 percent, 145 votes
* Mike Scupin — Forsyth: 2.87 percent, 185 votes

State Sen. District 51 (R)
* Steve Gooch (Incumbent) — Forsyth: 65.13 percent, 99 votes; Georgia: 73.12 percent, 20,575 votes
* John Williamson — Forsyth: 34.87 percent, 53 votes; Georgia: 26.88 percent, 7,563 votes

Source: Secretary of State elections website

For a full list of reults from Tuesday's General Primary election, click here.

SOUTH FORSYTH – In the only race Tuesday for a seat on Forsyth's state legislative delegation with no incumbent, political newcomer Todd Jones earned the spot.

Jones, a Republican businessman from south Forsyth, earned 80.27 percent, or 3,470 votes, in the General Primary election to fill the District 25 seat in the state House of Representatives.

“I’m truly humbled by the support. It makes you kind of step back and say, wow, the trust that the people of District 25 have put in me means that I truly have an obligation that I have to serve them in a way I think they’re expecting me to,” he said.

He said his top three priorities in entering the state delegation are to abide by conservative values, promote transparency and accountability and find a way for the state and county to work together to solve challenges south Forsyth and north Fulton are facing.

Jones will succeed Mike Dudgeon, who did not seek re-election after having been the longest-standing representative of the seven-member delegation.

Dudgeon endorsed Jones during the campaign, saying he will be a “great fit for our community.”

Jones’s opponent – Stuart Jones – took home 19.73 percent of the votes, or 853 votes.

Seth Weathers, a political consultant for Stuart Jones, said the race was hard-fought and that Jones was disappointed in the results “but at the same time congratulates his opponent.”

All four other state House seats that represent Forsyth saw incumbents run unopposed in the primary – Republicans Kevin Tanner of District 9, Sheri Gilligan of District 24 and Geoff Duncan of District 26 all earned another term, as no Democrats ran in their primary. Republican Wes Cantrell of District 22 will face Democrat Oscar “Aschar” Hajloo in November.

Republican state Sen. Michael Williams, who represents the majority of Forsyth in District 27, ran unopposed in Tuesday’s primary but will face Democrat Daniel Blackman in November.

November’s election will also feature a race between Republican Incumbent Rob Woodall and Democrat Rashid Malik for U.S. Rep. in Congressional District 7.

U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson won his primary against Mary Kay Bacallao and Derrick Grayson by securing 75.07 percent of the vote, or 13,833 votes, in Forsyth and 77.42 percent, or 426,296 votes, statewide.

He will face Democrat Jim Barksdale in November, whose 53.52 percent, or 146,018 votes, in Georgia (51.94 percent, or 428 votes, in Forsyth) beat Cheryl Copeland and John F. Coyne III.

Republican Incumbent Doug Collins was re-elected to serve as U.S. Rep. in Congressional District 9 after beating Paul C. Broun, Roger Fitzpatrick, Bernie Fontaine and Mike Scupin.

Republican Incumbent Steve Gooch was also re-elected to the state Senate in District 51 after beating John Williamson.