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Two state lawmakers tapped for committees

FORSYTH COUNTY — Two Forsyth County legislators have been tapped to serve on House study committees.

House Speaker David Ralston recently announced many committee appointments, including those of District 26 state Rep. Geoff Duncan and District 25 state Rep. Mike Dudgeon.

Duncan was assigned to the House Study Committee on Aviation and Jobs, while Dudgeon will serve on both the House Working Group on Technology Enhancements and the Study Committee on the Property Tax Digest Impact on Education Funding.

Duncan secured a second term, and Dudgeon a third, in the General Assembly during the May 20 Republican primary.

“It’s an honor to be appointed by the speaker to this study committee and it gives me an opportunity to participate in two things I’m passionate about — creating jobs and aviation,” Duncan said.

As an instrument rated private pilot, Duncan said he hopes to bring “a unique perspective to the study committee and play a part in bringing more high-paying, quality jobs to Georgia.”

Dudgeon, who previously served a four-year term on Forsyth County’s school board, said he’s one of the “few legislators with deep expertise on the funding formulas for education.”

“I worked on the new equalization formula in 2012, which compensates poorer counties for lower property tax collections,” he said. “There is a real concern that exemptions, digest calculations and byproducts of the equalization formula may not always produce the best funding allocations."

As a technology entrepreneur, Dudgeon said he was pleased to chair the technology enhancements group. Last year, he created a program for lawmakers to more easily sift through legislation and is looking forward to adding more technology to the legislative process.

“The legislature is officially a paper-driven process, with a good web site and e-access to many documents,” he said. “However, we have lots of areas to improve the system for both legislators and the public.”